Materials Engineer Internship/Co-op

Job Type: Internship/Co-op

Start Date: January, 2020

Boston Materials is an early-stage startup located in Bedford, MA. We develop Carbon Supercomp, a novel class of materials that address the most fundamental issues facing the Transportation and Energy sectors. We are seeking a Materials Engineering Intern/Co-op to join our core technical team and be a key-member in characterizing and troubleshooting new formulations of Carbon Supercomp for our key customers and partners. The position will provide opportunities in all areas of the business, from engineering and materials development to operations and customer development.


  • Use vacuum bagging and other lamination methods to manufacture composite panels and tubes
  • Operate a water-jet cutter to produce samples and demo components
  • Conduct mechanical testing using a universal testing machine
  • Maintain safety documentation on chemical inventory
  • Design and perform experiments in a laboratory environment
  • Present and communicate key results with managers and team

Desired Skills:

  • Experience with mechanical testing (tensile, compression, flexural, etc.)
  • Familiarity with Instron Bluehill Testing Software (or a similar software)
  • Safety training in laboratory environments